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Video Support

With Switchboard Canvas you can overlay an image created from a template onto a video.

Currently, the video must be publicly visible on the web. This can be with any hosting provider, or on a cloud storage service such as AWS S3.


To authorize your requests to Switchboard Canvas, you'll need your API key. Your API key can be found in the top-right corner on the main Templates page, after you sign in at Switchboard. Add your API key to the Headers collection of your request:

X-API-Key: <your API key>

Request Format

To make a request to overlay an image onto a video, you need to specify two additional properties:

  • videos An array of objects containing a single property, url, which is the URL of the publicly available video file
  • webhook The URL of a webhook that will receive a POST request when processing has completed.

Example request

"template": "video-test",
"sizes": [
"width": 1920,
"height": 1080
"videos": [
"url": "https://example.com/video.mp4"
"webhook": "https://example.com/webhook"

Example response

The URL supplied in the webhook property receives a POST request when video processing is complete. An example of the JSON payload is shown below. Review the status and result properties of the summary array to determine if processing of the videos supplied was successful.

The summary.result.url property contains a link to the generated video file.

"batchId": "7bb38cf7-94ff-4363-9600-cdfe3c00a3a0",
"success": true,
"message": "All records processed",
"summary": [
"api_call_id": "570cae86-d758-45cb-8979-798547bff8a5",
"duration": 36484,
"status": "successful",
"result": {
"url": "https://files.canvas.switchboard.ai/570a...f8a5/6704...4422.mp4",
"success": true

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