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Google Sheets

Switchboard Canvas integrates directly with Google Sheets and generates images for rows of data in a given spreadsheet.

Each request in the batch contains overwrites that are used in conjunction with the template and sizes you specify.

When the batch is complete, a notification is sent as an HTTP POST request to a webhook endpoint that you specify.

The payload sent to the webhook endpoint indicates whether the specific image request was successful, and if so, the URL of the resulting image.


Google Sheets processing is available on our Agency and Enterprise plans.

Users on the Agency plan can process up to 25 rows of data from a Google Sheets document.

Users on the Enterprise plan can process up to 250 rows of data from a Google Sheets document.


Firstly, authenticate to your Google account from the Profile page on Switchboard Canvas.

Add column headers to your Google Sheets document

To target elements and properties in your template, add column headers to the sheet seperating element and property with a colon.

For example:

headline:text targets the Text property of the headline element

profile:url targets the Url property of the profile element

Identify the Google Sheets Document ID

To connect the Switchboard Canvas API to a given Google Sheets document, you need its ID.

This is the 44-character, alpha-numeric ID towards the end of the URL when you're editing the document.

    # example Google Sheets Document ID

Make a note of the sheet name within the document

You also need to know the name of the sheet within the document that you're targeting with Canvas.


Lastly, specify the URL of a webhook that will receive a POST request when the images have been created.

Typically, users register webhooks with tools such as Zapier or Pabbly Connect for further processing.

Format of a Google Sheets request

A Google Sheets request brings this information together:

"template": "my-quote",
"sizes": [{
"width": 1920,
"height": 1080
"googleSheetsDocumentId": "<document-id>",
"googleSheetsSheetName": "Sheet1",
"webhook": "https://example.com/webhook"

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