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Batch Processing with Airtable

You can directly integrate Switchboard Canvas with Airtable by supplying an Airtable REST endpoint and API key.

This allows you to quickly create images generated from data in an Airtable table or view.


Batch processing from Airtable is available on our Agency and Enterprise plans.

Users on the Agency plan can generate images from up to 25 rows from an Airtable table or view.

Users on the Enterprise plan can generate images from up to 250 rows from an Airtable table or view.

Finding your Airtable API key

You can find out more about locating your Airtable API key here:


Determining the REST endpoint to access your table's data

Once you have your API key, you need to determine the REST endpoint to your table's data.

This endpoint is in the following format:


Visit https://airtable.com/api to find out more about Airtable's REST endpoints.

Making an API request with your Airtable REST endpoint

Once you have your Airtable REST endpoint URL and your Airtable API key, you can make a Switchboard Canvas API request to generate images from your table or view's data.

"template": "my-quote",
"sizes": [{
"width": 800,
"height": 800
"batchUrl": "<airtable-REST-URL>",
"airtableApiKey": "<airtable-API-key>",
"webhook": "https://example.com/webhook"

Set the batchUrl property to be your Airtable REST endpoint's URL, and set the airtableApiKey to be the API key from the previous step.

Finally, set the webhook property to be a URL that will receive an HTTP POST response detailing the results of the image generation.

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